"Eraparsec" Research Station is a space station, orbiting TV-212-TQ3 Star (Sun-like star in Speare-438 galaxy) at the distance of 1.2 astronomical units.

Appearance Edit

"Eraparsec" looks like a circular ship, with 8 ion engines at it's back side. It's front side has 3 rows of 2 meter high windows, each row is equal to 1/4 of station's circle length. Most of the ship is white.

Also, "Eraparsec" has 9 ion cannons, if it will need to be defended.

Sectors Edit

It has 6 sectors.

Core Sector Edit

The middle of "Eraparsec". It has 4 labs, and many other stuff

Cabin Edit

Station is controlled from here.

Other sectors Edit


"Interdimensional Traveler" Probe Edit

Used by crew to leave the station for short time.

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