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The Aarexverse contains multiple Kudoverses. It's ruler is AereAurexverse. It's residents culture follow the Aarexverse Culture. In the Aarexverse levels of entropy are very high at 90%. there are 12,000 white holes in the Aarexverse per 500 million light years and everything else is red, blue and black. When one of these white holes is entered the thing that entered will be thrust into a completely white spacetime rift for 8,559,001 to 102,334,657 years during this time they will not have any water, food, or air. There are certain sections of the Aarexverse known as Spherefield sections, in these parts the Aarexverse is broken up into several sphere shaped sections that pack as close together as they can and anything not in the spheres is nothingness. Of course, the Aarexverse is truly nothing but another layer to this seemingly endless wiki. Will it stop? Will it end? No one truly knows. But until we do find that answer, the least we can do is the time out of our day to admire this beautiful Aarexverse.

Aarexverse Culture

Called Aaar in the Aarexverse, the Aarexverse Culture (will be called Aaar in the rest of the page) is a culture. Their population is way more than googoltriplex. They are forced to do anything that AereAurexverse wants them to do. They can't flee. If they ask a question, they are gone. Also, AereAurexverse is near the Dangerverse, where he clones himself and pretends to be a nice welcomer. In reality, he is one of the most evil beings in the Dangerverse.


It’s basically composed of a ball of exotic matter, thought to be much like dark energy, with a shell of normal star matter surrounding it on all sides. The exotic core in this hybrid body would prevent the collapse of the normal matter into a traditional black hole, essentially keeping the whole thing inflated. From the outside it would look quite similar to a black hole, but Aarexverse do not have an event horizon, so photons can technically get stuck in a near-infinite orbit around the outside called a “light ring.”

Interactions between boxes & objects inside Aarexverse

Boxes inside Aarexverse only destroy each other. It is the only interaction going on between boxes. However, destruction of boxes have very interesting effect on each other, and creates very interesting objects

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