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Absolute Infibity is a huge reality containing verses of all sizes, including The Infibit Emptiness. In fact, most

of the voids in Absolute Infibity ARE The Infibit Emptiness.

The structure of Absolute Infibity is mostly unknown, and it is still unknown if it even has any organized structure at all. All that is certain is that this verse is...


It is WAY bigger than you think. It is indescribably bigger than The Infibit Emptiness, and will always be.

Size Changing Property

This verse, just like many previous verses, is constantly increasing in size as to not have something grow bigger than it.

Just like The Inverse

This ability has limitations though.

If you somehow puncture a hole through the side of the Absolute Infibity, the verse will begin to slow its growing speed, and if you keep this hole open for long periods of time, the entire Absolute Infibity will slowly collapse, and after infinite years will turn into an infinitesimal dot.

Another way to slow/stop the growing ability is to create something with a ridiculous mass and gravity, and place it towards the edge of Absolute Infibity. The edge of the verse has shown to be very suseptible to manipulation by gravity, and if you have a strong enough gravitational pull, you might be able to warp the entire Absolute Infibity, thus slowing down the growing speed.