Absolute Nothingness Is A Beyond Completion Of Absolute Absence Of Everything Or Non-Everything. For Any Unit Of Measurement Or Non-Measurement, However Basic Or Non-Basic and All-Encompassing, Absolute Nothing Has Absolute None Of It,Absolute Nothingness Pretty Much Surpasses Or Non-Surpassing Absolute Infinite Or Non-Absolute Infinite Transfictionality Even Demiurge Itself,For No Matter How Much Exists Or Non-Exists At Any Given Level Or Non-Levels,The Idea Or Non-Idea Of A Complete Lack Of It Can Still Apply. Or Non-Apply At The Same Time Simultaneously Or Non-Simultaneously If One Believes That All Of Existence Or Non-Existance Non-Consists Or Consist Of Just Particles Or Non-Particles, That Person Can Imagine Or Non-Imagine A Complete Non-Lack Of Particles, No Particles At All,However Broad Ones Idea Or Non-Idea Of All That Is, Or All That Isn't, Is β€” A Lack Of It Can Always Be Non-Imagined. Or Imagined Simultaneously Or Non-Simultaneously,Absolute Nothing Has Absolute No Value,Absolute No Attributes, Absolute No Component Parts, It Is Literally Beyond Than V&D Nothing And Pitch Black By Iterated Non-Factor By An Absolute Nothingness Itself. Yes It Has Own Level But It Has No Level. Because It's A "No-Thing" Beyond Than No-Thing Itself. Because It Is Far Beyond Than Comprehension And Non-Comprehension.

  • While Absolute Nothingness Cannot Be Modeled Or Express It Into A Meaning Because It is Beyond Nothing Itself But. It is Absolutely Far Beyond The Concepts Of Meanings,Anything Or Nothing expressible Or Non-Expressible Itself,Anything Conceptual And Non-Conceptual.
  • it Exceeds The Realms Of Possibility And Impossibility Into Something Else Altogether Even Pitch Black,Nothing,Jvofverse Realms And All Other Concepts Or Non-Concepts On this Wiki By A Factor Of Absolute Nothingness Because It Is Beyond Absolute Infinities Stacked Together Even The Loop Of Numbers Stacked. Number No Matters At this point.
  • Absolute Nothing Has Absolute No Semblance Of Logic Or Non,Measurement Or Non-Measurement,Physics Or Non-Physics,Magic,Reality, Fiction, Non-fiction, Or Language May Not Express The true meaning of Nothing. Because it is Far Beyond Than Nothing. But Absolute Nothingness Can Contain Other Absolute Nothingness It Does Not Contain Itself (Weird Right?)
  • It Also Can't Be expressed By Anything On this Wiki. Being Beyond Conception And Comprehension Due To Its Very Existence Or Non-Existance Being Unable To Be Spoken Of. Even All-Creators And Even Higher Cosmic Entities Don't Know About Absolute Nothingness' Existance Itself Just Absolute Comprehension
  • No Concept Can Thus Match Up Against It, As All Statements And Definitive Meaning Will Automatically Be Falsified Instantaneously At Once Because It's Higher Than Minds We think off that how we Comprehend It Even Words,No Matter How Bizarre It is You Can't Express It Into Something,It Exeeds Everything That Your Minds Can Comprehend And Reach

Different Forms Of Emptyness/Nothing

Nothing Is An Lack Of All Things Or A Different Forms Of Nothing Absence Of A Thing. But The Very Form Of Nothing In Question Can Pretty Much Vary Based On the Definition Of What An Actual 'thing' Is. Β This Results In The Existence Of Numerous Forms Of 'Nothing', Each Based On A Separate Definition Or A Meaning Of What A 'Thing' Is.

Accessible Emptyness

  • This Is The Closest Thing We Humans We Can Access To By Now. Within The Real World By Now,Β Emptiness Simply Refers To A Lack Of Value On The Something Of A Given Metric (Example: A Bag) When Analyzing The Contents Of An Bag It Has No Objects Inside it,Thus It Can Be Considered Empty Despite This There Are Still Many Varying Forms Of Emptiness Based Off Of The metric,As Some Metrics Require Something To Be Of Less Value To Be Considered 'Empty' Compared To Others. However The Box Is Empty But They Are Still Air Molucules Inside There,Thus. Different Types Of Emptiness Exist.

Physical Emptyness

  • A lack of all physical things which exist within our universe. This Refers Specifically To Physical Objects Which Can Be Detected Through Scientific Methods, Such As Matter, Energy,Dark Flow (Which Exists Outside Of Universe) And Other equivalents. As such, a perfect vacuum is the only known empty thing within our universe. (Example: Quantum Fluctuations)

Real Emptyness

  • A Emptyness That A Lack Of Reality (The Law Of Fundamental Physics) A Perfect Vacuum May Be Void Of All Physical Components, It Is Still Part Of Reality Even Our Thinking And Imagining With Our Minds It Can't Go Out Of Our Reality But Information Can. Like The Exploit Mayhem It Destroys Reality Itself Causing A Lack Of Reality Around The Destroyed Reality Making It A Perfect Example,Those Who Exist Within The Exploit Mayhem Would View Such A Realm As A Part Of Reality, And As Such A More Empty Void Than The Others, such asΒ The Outside, Would Be Empty From Their Perspective. Those Within The Outside Would Then ViewΒ Beyond As Empty, And So On. (Anti-Dimensions And Deadly Realms Start To Appear At this kind of emptyness)

Numerical Emptyness

  • An Emptyness That Quantifies No Objects,No Elements,No Numbers Even Negative Ones The Number Of Objects In The Empty Set. Since Adding No Elements To Some Set Does Not Change The Set, Numerical Emptiness When Considered An Element Of A Numerical Number System That Does Not Consist Of Just Cardinals Such As The Ring of Integers, Field Of Real Numbers, Or Any Given Hypercomplex Number System, Is Taken To Be An Additive Identity Of The System (GenerallyΒ TheΒ Additive Identity) Numerical Emptyness Is Most Commonly Known As Zero And The Void Bridge

Set-Theoretical Emptiness

  • A Lack Of Any And All Contents Within a Set-Theoretic Object. Many objects, Including Some That Humans May Not be Able To Comprehend,Can Be Elements Of Sets Or Set-Like Objects Such As Proper Classes. Thus, Set-Theoretical Emptiness Is A Lack Of All Such Objects That Your Minds Will Not Comprehend That Much Also Non-Emptiest Realms Or Voids Pretty Much Start To Appear At This Kinda Level,The Contents Of The Empty Set. This Is The Most 'Empty' Form Of Emptiness. As Any Part Of A Void Can Be Considered An Object Within A Set, As Can 0 And All Other Numerically Empty Numbers. Note That An Empty Set Is Itself Not Emptiness By This definition, but rather it is the contents of such a set that is emptiness. (Negative-Dimensions Appears At This Level And The Most Non-Emptiest Part Of The VOID Start To Appear On This Type Of Emptyness)Β 


Oblivion, From the Perspective Of Objective reality, Is Not Close To Nothingness At All. It Has Just As Much Size And Capacity As All Normal Things,Oblivion Has No Lack Of Anything real whatsoever, But Rather A Lack Of Perception And Experience,Yes This Type Of Nothing Cannot Be Experienced By Anything,This Form Of Nothing Is Also Accessible To Humans Though There Are No Provable Instances Of This In real life. All of Reality Is Seen And Interpreted By Our Own Minds, And Reality Itself Is Not What Truly Exists But Rather What We Perceive To Exist. However You Can Still Experience Partial Oblivion With Minimal Experience And Preception. (Examples: Oblivion Realm And The Void Is Thought To Be Partial Oblivion At It's Emptiest)


A Form Nothing Which Is A Lack Of Existance And A Realm Beyond All Of Existance Itself,Definition Of "Existance" Are Variable,As Some Believe Our Universe,Omniverse And Other Higher Meta-Cosmological Immeasurable-Structures Is Existance,Regardless Of What Is Considered To Be Existence, It Is All Seen From The Perspective of Human Eyes And Thus Things May Be Far Beyond Human Comprehension,Nonexistence Is Just As Much A Real Realm As Existence, It Is Simply So Far Removed From Human Comprehension That From Our Perspective,It Does not exist. Should a human experience Nonexistence,They Would Be In A Realm They Could Not Comprehend To Any Extent Because It is lacking More Than Oblivion [W.I.P] - [I'm Gonna Update This Few Days At A Time Due To Problems I Have In Real Life]

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