The Absoluteverse is one of the biggest verses. This is an Infinite Verse above and beyond all infinite verses. This verse represents as the God's boundless nature to our perspective. This is so big that this verse is not even an official infinite verse. It is not an official infinite verse because the verse itself is too much contradictional and incomprehensible for infinite verses. This verse is litteraly has no purpose except "being". This is infinite verses amongst infinite verses (which makes almost no sense...). This verse can be thought as THE LIMIT OF INFINITE VERSES. How is it even possible? This is defined as any property you could imagine it being the first to possess, is already possessed by a lesser value.  What this means is that we literally can not describe anything about this verse? Any description would be referring to something other than Absoluteverse. Sounds familiar? Did you noticed that the description is the same with God? That we can not say what God is, only what God isn't. But how this make any sense? If we empty a term of all meaning, what meaning could it have? This verse actually contradicts itself because by our logic, the power set of any set is a larger things. But then the power set of absoluteverse would be larger, but then it wouldn't be larger than all infinite verses.

Nowadays, vision of infinite is mind-blowing and almost beyond itself. I think we should put a definite end point to numbers. Because these terms became much more like "Pandora's Box" than "term". Once you start these series, it doesn't end. When we even say largest thing possible, not even that is not enough. So shouldn't we just declare infinity is actually bigger than absoluteverse? If we can't find these answers, then I can say we don't actually need the last point. If we even try to find it, we find a larger thing in seconds. So let's just admit, there are no largest thing and that's not a problem. We can name the things today, tomorrow or ever. The things will be always waiting for naming and there is no logic on being too fast on this structure.

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