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Anti-Melting substance is a substance that can NOT melt. In fact, this is the only thing that can survive temperatures higher than the Rockbeast can on every level. In fact, this can't even be melted by what it's contained by (kind of).

Attempts to destroy/move

There have been several attempts to melt/burn this substance. Here's some of the best tries;

Attempt 1

On attempt 1 (ever), the anti-melting substance was surrounded by Infibit Lava, which is so hot that it can melt even the Rockbeast and anything that can feel COLD in the Quantumverse. However, eventually, even when the Infibit Lava took form around the substance after Absolute Omni Oa, the anti-melting substance didn't even suffer a burn mark or scratch.

Attempt 82

On attempt 82, a creature known as the Omega Whale almost got out, but the anti-melting substance stopped them. In response, they shot out a super powered whale call that would shatter glass from the Oceanic Glass Container, and would melt any other substance, even Infibit Lava! However, nothing happened.

Attempt Absolute Omni

On Attempt Absolute Omni, a creature known as the Omega Squid tried to pull this substance with their extremely large tentacles which could grip onto ANYTHING else. However, the substance ended up burning their hand as it hasn't been cooled down since the latest attempt. This attempt happened only 2 days ago, actually.

successful attempt ( attempt REDACTED)

on this attempt Oofium was put on the anti-melting substance and the anti-melting substance was melted and destroyed

from The ability of its destruction but during this process which was 1 millisecond lava got on the Oofium and turned it into Oofium NEO as it was transformed when the lava reached the oofium