Azurite Chambers are 15-ly wide set of chambers. Each chamber is a huge (10 000 000 x 10 000 000 x 10 000 000 km) cube. It's sides are dark-dark-blue from outside, from inside they are pitch black. Each chamber is filled with many (45 000 000) blue glowing spheres. They are flying in it without being affected by gravity from outside. If you will touch the sphere, you will remember something. A little ammount of info, literally 3 sentences of 5 seconds of someone's life. You can leave a memory here. To do this you just have to think about something in ultimate tranquility and freedom from any disturbance, then, your head will somehow generate a sphere.

There is also 25 000 000 x 25 000 000 x 25 000 000 km central chamber, with blue glowing octahedron. If you will touch it, you will be most likely dissimilated into atoms, because of it's power.

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