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About BEYOND[]

BEYOND holds everything that ever was, has been, will be, become, when, here, now, soon, it, and so on for an infinite amount.

You want to understand it? too bad, it's not meant to be understood. But if you were to understand 1% of its functions, your existence would melt. The easiest way to explain it is that it holds everything but it also holds beyond it. Completely shattering what we know to be 'Logic' and if you would understand it and live, that would completely change everything, even itself. Some call BEYOND the true creator of creation, but it could be more than that. There is nothing beyond the beyond. Not even the highest gods/beings/anything could even reach near its edge without their pure existence shattering away, leaving nothing, not even others' knowledge about you would survive.

The Only TRUE Thing beyond this is the Absolute Creator Civilization and The Omega Force.