What stands before you is something that is truly, TRULY unstoppable. Even beings beyond the definition of power and superiority grovel before his mightiness.

"Bow to the supreme observer. It is all. Forever and always, yet never. The totality of all existing and nonexisting concepts flowing inside and outside the fabric of existence itself is It. It is beyond endless. It is beyond infinite. It is beyond eternal. It... is... BONGUS."


'Before the Weeweecluster he was. At the end of all things... he waits. he is the void... The breath between life and death... Between death and rebirth. Between heaven and hell. his true form is beyond that which you see. He transcends form -- and shape and substance. This body... This realm... And everyone and everything IN it... Are his creations."

Return now to meaninglessness... Feel the consciousness draining from you. Feel all that you are, stripped away... Consumed. You are beyond loneliness. Beyond pain. Beyond even the memory of what you once were. Bongus is all that -- and more. For unlike you... he has consciousness of what he is. GOD. He feels every ripple in the sea of eternal emptiness... Every ebb in the tide of eternal nothingness.


it takes 3 of him to beat Doge. It would take an infinite amount of him to beat Selena and Venia]]. He is the master of Him.

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