Google translated.

The atmosphere (universe)

Are varied (multiverse)

Meet the feet (Metaverse)

look at any verse (Xenoverse)

A powerful verse (Hyperverse)

The almighty verse (omniverse)

Except for the exterior (the outside)

The bomb (the box)

You were there (existence)

its not over (endless)

Which does not exist (the void)

Which is a disgraceful abyss (blue void)

The tea is empty (teal void)

Tortoise space (turquoise void)

i see you as nothing (cyan void)

leaves blank (green void)

Yellow does not exist (yellow void)

hallow orange fruits (orange void)

nothing is kind (purple void)

really good (pitch black)

law of rotation if magnitude (Law of dimensional cycle)

Rule if the size of the erasure (law of dimensional erasure)

The law of wonder of matter (Law of Dimensional Paradox)

the law of the moment of greatness (Law of Dimensional Time)

supreme laws of all things (Higher Laws of All-Reality)

atom (the source)

Base (The Foundation)

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