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Things You Can't Do

  1. Don't spam or be off-topic.
  2. Don't copy or plagiarize pages from other wikis. If you want to make something that was inspired by content from other wikis, don't forget to credit the creators of the original concept, and don't plagiarize it.
  3. Don't spam categories if the owner of the page disagrees with them or tge categiries are not relevent to the article.
  4. Don't sock (create sockpuppets) PERIOD.
  5. No creating inappropriate pages with too much strong language. That includes all taboo words like f*** and b**** and/or strong sexual references. Any page including too much strong language will be deleted.
  6. No image spamming, emoji spamming, category spamming, or just spamming on pages in general.
  7. No crappy/meme titles (i.e poop, stinkyverse, bruh xd, etc.). For the intentions of this wiki, our own personal defintion of "Memes" is anything that has intentionally bad spelling/grammar and overused memes in it, as well as being overly ironic. If an article is purposefully "memey" but is still high quality, it must be placed under the joke/satire category.
  8. No low-effort pages with only a few sentences. If there is nothing much to say about it, then don't include it. If it isn't really important to anything, then I suggest not including it, although you can include it if you want. Pages like this will either be deleted or expanded on.
  9. If a page isn't really verse-related, then don't include it, unless you can fit it in the requirements or if it is important to the concept of another page.

Things You Can Do

  1. Let's be creative, let's help each other, and if you see any errors, fix them. If you see any pages with just an infobox, fix them and make them more detailed.
  2. Make sure your articles have good grammar. Bad grammar pages have been getting spammed recently, and this isn't good and will negatively impact how mature we appear as a community.
  3. AT LEAST 5 (constructive!) sentences in the article, relavent to the subject of the article.

2.) Try to have an infobox/image. If there is no template/less than 5 sentances, it needs to get a template/sentances added or else somebody else may add it and claim the page as well as all other pages with no template. However, this doesn't apply to high effort pages with more than 10 sentences that don't have an image or infobox. This does not go the other way around.

  1. Let's be active, and don't forget to focus on quality.

Consequences of disobeying these rules

Note: Only admins can warn/block other users.

If users don't obey the rules, this is what users can get.

  1. A light warning.
  2. A hard warning.
  3. A block (time can vary from a few hours to a few days, depending on the severity)
  4. More blocks, each consecutive one for a longer period of time.
  5. Indefinite IP Block.
  6. Report to FANDOM.