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== '''''This wiki is in process of getting fixed''''' ==
== ==
==Welcome to the Beyond Universe Wiki!==
==Welcome to the Beyond Universe Wiki!==

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Welcome to the Beyond Universe Wiki!

Welcome! Free to edit! This wiki is about the universe and beyond. This is about our own theories and my own beliefs. This wiki can beat [1]! So, users, please edit and help us make new pages. Please be funny. This wiki is about asteroids, moons, planets, brown dwarfs, stars, nebulae, galaxies, clusters, superclusters, hyperclusters, metaclusters, universe, time, space, matter, energy, geology, astronomy, biology, cosmology, googology, mythology, science, and religion.

New pages

If you want to make a new page, write it out. Just make sure to follow rules below ^^


  • Use Common Sense
  • Make the best quality content ;D
  • Stealing concepts from other wikis is not allowed
  • No Sh¡tposting, Vandalising/Inadequate Edits
  • Don't create empty articles unless you'd put info in them
  • Dramas are not tolerated here
  • Be nice to eachother ;)
  • Have Fun :)

Latest activity

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