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Welcome! Free to edit! This wiki is about the universe and far beyond. This is about our own theories and my own beliefs. This wiki can beat [1]! So, users, please edit and help us make new pages. Please be funny and detailed. This wiki is about asteroids, moons, planets, brown dwarfs, stars, nebulae, galaxies, clusters, superclusters, hyperclusters, metaclusters, universe, multiverse, time, space, matter, energy, geology, astronomy, biology, cosmology, googology, mythology, science, and religion.



We have 28,675 edits! We better get more edits. We MUST get more pages and ideas.

Compared to the other two wikis

The three wikis together have 6,065 pages.

Verse and Dimensions Wiki

They have 17.6% of the total pages, with 1,068 pages.

All Dimensions Wiki

They have 53.2% of the total pages, with 3,228 pages.

Beyond Universe Wiki

They have 29.2% of the total pages, with 4,542 pages!


Some of the ideas come from other wikis, and we must compete with them.

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