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A Black Hole Called TON 341*.

Black Hole is a possible star remnant with a singularity in it's very center. As you can see on th picture, it distorts light around it by it's gravity. Such distortions around normal stars are almost not seen. Black hole literally shows you everything behind it.

Black hole is black because it's escape velocity exceeds the speed of light. Not even light can escape it. Black hole is colorless, actually.


Photon Sphere

Photon Sphere is the region around the Black Hole where light can actually orbit the black hole. It does not necessarily escape, and is not always sucked in into the black hole and I'm not joking here :D.

Event Horizon

The point of no return. Escape velocity exceeds the speed of light here. Theoretically, in other Universes with different laws of physics, it is possible to move faster than light. But in our Universe you can't escape your fate if you have already crossed the event horizon.


The center of the black hole. It has zero diameter and infinite density.

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