• VoidSansXD
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  • VoidSansXD


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  • VoidSansXD

    categories lol

    April 3, 2020 by VoidSansXD

    v v v v v

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  • Mumuji


    February 2, 2020 by Mumuji


    6231929291,619171,613122,619171,516231 619171 41311232816352 51628122, 5271312222 21621251? 619171. 124131. 1263. 62.

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  • UniversePoker7777


    December 23, 2019 by UniversePoker7777

    We have many brothers competing with each other!

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  • UniversePoker777777

    More Pages

    December 16, 2019 by UniversePoker777777

    Let's get more pages!

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  • Pi.jayk

    Discord server

    July 24, 2019 by Pi.jayk

    i created a new beyond universe wiki discord server

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  • Pi.jayk

    Page Deletion

    July 19, 2019 by Pi.jayk

    Wow so many pages were deleted recently. We used to have almost 1500. Now we only have 818

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  • GmdSe

    As long as DrCocktor got banned, I decided to revive BU, and remove this mess from the wiki. 

    But at some point, I got disappointed as FAMDOM Staff declined my request to give BU under my control so I could demote unnecessary users with bureaucrat rights that Darwin(UniversePoker777) gave. I also had entry exams so I had no time for wiki

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  • GdawgGamerTV

    Gammillion = 10^10^10^10^10^10^23649788239892676737981890129000000+3

    Ungammillion = 10^10^10^10^10^10^23649788239892676737981890129000000+6

    Duogammillion = 10^10^10^10^10^10^23649788239892676737981890129000000+9

    Tresgammillion = 10^10^10^10^10^10^23649788239892676737981890129000000+12

    Quadragammillion = 10^10^10^10^10^10^23649788239892676737981890129000000+15

    Quintigammillion = 10^10^10^10^10^10^23649788239892676737981890129000000+18

    Hexagammillion = 10^10^10^10^10^10^23649788239892676737981890129000000+21

    Heptengammillion = 10^10^10^10^10^10^23649788239892676737981890129000000+24

    Octagammillion = 10^10^10^10^10^10^23649788239892676737981890129000000+27

    Novagammillion = 10^10^10^10^10^10^23649788239892676737981890129000000+30

    Dekagammillion = 10^10^…

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  • Noogai93


    April 11, 2019 by Noogai93

    Infinity, H(1)

    Infinityplex, 10infinity

    Infinitillion, 103*infinity+3

    Infinityinfinity = 2infinity

    Infinityplexian or Infinityduplex or Infinityplexplex, 1010infinity

    Googolinfplex, googolplexplexplexplex.........plexplexplexplex (infinity plex's)

    Meginity or Infinitydex, H(2)

    Meginityplex, 10^meginity

    Meginitydex, Emeginity#meginity

    Meginitydudex, infinityplexplexplex.....plexplexplex (meginitydex plex's)

    Infinitythrex, Einfinity#infinity#infinity

    Giginity or Meginitythrex, H(3)

    Giginitythrex, meginitydexdexdex.....dexdexdex (giginity dex's)

    Infinitytetrex, Einfinity#infinity#infinity#infinity

    Terinity or Giginitytetrex, H(4)

    Terinitytetrex, giginitythrexthrexthrex.....threxthrexthrex (terinity threx's)

    Infinitypentex, Einfinity##5

    Petinity or Terinitypen…

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  • Noogai93

    Tier 61 -illion

    March 8, 2019 by Noogai93
    • Mexicillion or Zitrillion, 10603*103,000+3
    • Picturillion or Markeillion, 10603*103,000,000+3
    • Energillion or Jolillion, 10603*103,000,000,000+3
    • Boarillion or Poweillion, 10613*1012+3
    • Magillion or Gawvillion, 10613*1015+3
    • Vinuxillion or Megiillion, 10613*1018+3
    • Nivtillion or Ketillion, 10613*1021+3
    • Tomktillion or Vemillion, 10613*1024+3
    • Kyrillion or Saquillion, 10613*1027+3
    • Notifillion or Onkillion, 10613*1030+3
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  • UniversePoker777

    Nexus the Wielder

    October 22, 2018 by UniversePoker777

    Don't be mean to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • UniversePoker777


    October 21, 2018 by UniversePoker777

    We beat Verse and Dimensions Wiki!

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  • UniversePoker777

    Can you give me this photos:?

    Wikipedia has the photos but my browser won't let me....crop the photos to this size: . Also, users will be more happy with this pages and my dream is to reach 5,000 pages.

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    1917 Darwin

    September 29, 2018 by DOOSH DOOSH

    I am the new account of the hacked account: User:1917 Darwin.

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  • Thorbrine


    August 27, 2018 by Thorbrine


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  • Lord Aspect

    maybe back

    August 1, 2018 by Lord Aspect


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  • Nexus the Wielder

    Law of Dimensional Cycle was my first fully fleshed out Law. For those that do not now, Laws are what make up the forces/nature of reality. This means they are not a verse nor a concept.

    Verses are types of dimensions that keep the Universe running and looking more interesting as it does by giving it new layers to explore.

    Concepts are ideas such as The Cycle of Everything and Pitch Black. These concepts give the universes some personality and perspective on how fast they can truly be.

    With that being said, Law will be a new step added as long as most agree to it. After all, I do truly believe any and all wikis need to evolve and this could be the next stage in it's evolution.

    Any thoughts on the matter?

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  • Alper2006


    April 5, 2018 by Alper2006

    Please give some ideas to build and extend this wiki...

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  • Alper2006


    April 3, 2018 by Alper2006

    This wiki is just surpassed 300 pages! YAY!

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  • 1917 Darwin


    March 31, 2018 by 1917 Darwin

    Trans-Trans-Infinity is Trans-Infinity times bigger than Trans-Infinity.

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  • Alper2006

    Wanna talk about this wiki? Now members can chat each other:

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  • 1917 Darwin


    March 16, 2018 by 1917 Darwin

    Some of the universes are real, some are fake.

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