boom is (the square root of the square root of 7)x129292872626x777777777% of 626253562818198363552682919192838376362618992726366xinfinity divided by 727266822829922901002927266353535262728292992837363636377^99999999999999999999999999999999999^pi^pi^pi^pi^pi-3467898642247998654xinfinity-(amount of inches in the 2nd closest Xenoverse to ours) divided by pi^-4688532478986432479742246890854223568899643224688+(amount of feet traveled by all humans combined in total within the past month)^infinity^infinity^infinity-infinity divided by transinfinity+5x-0=boom (no algebra variables are used here, the xs are multiplication. 5x-0 is five times negative zero even though negative zero doesnt exist. Same with the square root of the square root of 7).

by the way order of operation does not apply here.

i have no idea if this is big or small or even negative.


its impossible to divide 100 into 3 EXACTLY equal parts no matter what.

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