UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, DO NOT EDIT! (specially for you, Alper)

Dead Zone is an area where noone can exist. This area has some factors, doing strange influence. Once an entity enters the Dead Zone, the following happens:

  • for first: nothing strange
  • 5 minutes later: subconcious disquietude
  • 10 minutes later: smothering
  • 15 minutes later: losing conciousness
  • 20 minutes later: death

Dead Zone only supports life of Phantom Serpents. They are inhabiting medium and inner layer of Dead Zone.

To survive here for longer than 20 minutes, you have to do the following things:

  • Have some pressure suit
  • Get something to increase your speed
  • Get some weapons (Laser Cutter will be enough, if at top power)

Structure Edit

Outer Layer (0 - 1 000 000 000 m from any border) Edit

Emptyness. Nothing interesting. Here you can only rarily found some weird things.

Medium Layer (1 000 000 000 - 4 500 000 000 m from any border) Edit


Inner Layer (4 500 000 000 - 8 200 000 000 m from any border) Edit


TBA Edit

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