The Dokaverse is the tier-12 archverse, containing multiple hendaverses.


The Dokaverse can be roughly arranged into its dokaversal hyperverse core, and the outlying hendaverses.

The hyperverse core is the source of hendaverses. Its exact nature is obscure to sub-dokaversal civilisations, but it appears that it is connected up and down the archverse chain, to both the hendaverses that it contains and the archverses that contain it. The function of the hyperverse core appears to be taking abstract archverses and instantiating them as specific hendaverses with their own inhabitants.

Control of this hyperverse core is, hence, of central interest to dokaversal civilisations; any civilisation that controls the hyperverse core has first access to all newly created hendaverses, and it may even be possible to influence the types of hendaverses that are produced to further consolidate the civilisation's power.

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