Endless Contains everything that is out of Existence, even God, and the infinityverse

Endless Is Anything Or Not Anything Contains Or Not Containing That is Out Of Existance Or Not Existance Even Gods Or Non-Gods And The Infinityver

Endless Contains And Not Containing Everything Or Not Everything Of Non-Existence Or Existence, Even Non-God Or God Beings And The InfinityVerse Itself, For Any Unit Of Measurement, However Basic And all-Encompassing Or Non-Basic And Non-All-Encompassing,Endless Surpasses All Of Basic Tier Or Advance Tier Of True Infinity Itself Which Surpasses All Infinities Itself,It Is An Infinite Fundamental Of Everything Or Non-Everything A Tier That Capable Of Surpassing Everything Or Nothing Accept The Void Even Endless Surpasses All Of Absolute Unimaginable Concepts, Which must be Present Or Non-Present At Any Level, For No Matter How Much Exists Or Non-Exist At Any Given Level Or Non-Level,The Idea Of A Complete Infinity Of It Can Still Not Apply, If One believes That All Of Existence Or Non-Existence Consists Or Non-Consist Of Just Infinites Of Stuff Or Non-Stuff,However Even If You Stacked Infinities Of Infinities By Using Logic And Mind You Can't Come Close To How Absolutely Non-Impossible To How Endless Is Endless Because It Is Beyond Non-Existance And Existance,Endless Has No Value,No Attributes, No Component Parts Because It Is Far Beyond Than Existance,Non-Existance And Concept Of Size,It Can Considered A Concept (The Concept Of Endless),But Due to how Endless Is Endless Is. It cannot be considered A Concept,What Is Truly Being Imagined Or Non-Imagined,When Endless Is Imagined,Is The Concept Of Infinitly Endless We Think Of It That It Has No-Limit,But Endless Surpasses Nothing And Nothing Is No,So The Limit Is Far Beyond Than Non Itself,Including Concepts And Non-Concepts, So Like Many Concepts And Non-Concepts Explored On This Wiki, Models (Specifically The Concept And Non-Concept Of Endless) Are Required To Explore Endless Itself

Different Forms/Types of Endless Edit

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