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If you go too far into and fro in the Pitch Black, you may stumble upon one of the clusters of the Efinite Voids.

The Efinite (A) Void is the concept of space and matter that cannot exist. It is referred to as Efinite because it is not definite. The Efinite (A) Void is believed to be part of a series of different spaces that are also Efinite.

Each different Efinite Void is measured with its reoccurring letter, which is the namesake.

Its size is possibly infinite as its assumed that it still grows and feeds on other Endless. This may be the reason for it being infinite, as its just a matter of space that feeds on other matters just to grow it in size. It is possible that these masses of space are massive amounts of Pitch Black that conjoin and become infinite vortexes that feed on other spaces. These spaces can vary from the size of quarters to as big as nothing, It serves no purpose except for being some vortex which everything is impossible. The other Efinite Voids are even more massive, where every letter after A is a larger one. They are so massive that each one can feed off of larger spaces of matter.