The Esrevitlum is an absolutely hypothetical object with no proof of existence, but it's also one of the only plausible ideas for what contains the Esrevinu, so as of now, this is what we THINK contains the Esrevinu.


While not having any known properties, there have been some that would explain how the Esrevinu got inverted by the ERRORverses so easily; for one, an entity that has been known as The Inverse (and has been proven to exist) helped out the ERRORverses invert the Esrevinu. As of now, we think the entity did this in order to increase it's own size, as it has been proven to grow to the same size of the biggest thing known. However, since it broke one of the Omni-Laws, The Inverse glitched majorly, and accidentally made unlimited copies of the Esrevinu.

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