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The Gigaverse is a huge "complex" of various Megaverses. The megaverses within the Gigaverse have less connections and are further away than multiverses in the megaverse and universes in the multiverse, which is why -verses leveled inbetween the Gigaverse and Omniverse start to lose any signifcant meaning.

Typically, Gigaverses start out as a glitchy mess. However, this glitchy mess slowly unravels into multiple Inforiums which expand differently based on resources and carry out slightly different instructions, forming Megaverses. Gigaverses can still rarely have a glitchy mess inside of them at this point, making them harvestable for Lawium, a very strong substance. Due to the lack of any significant meaning, the Gigaverse is the start of the Archverse chain.

The high Kardashev Scale jump is because of the low density of Megaverses. For reference, a Megaverse scores a 6 on the Kardeshev scale.

Gigaverses aren't actually part of the normal scale of multiverses, but they still play a big purpose in existence.


  • Giverse: a small Gigaverse with more connections than normal, very low amount of glitches, making them the hardest to find Lawium in.
  • Glitchgaverse: A young, glitchy Gigaverse.
  • Lawgaverse: Lawium is 2 times as common or more.
  • Tigaverse: Has 1 Gigaverse in it, but not more, as then it would be a Teraverse (even 2 of them).


  • A civilization that controls all of the resources available in an entire Gigaverse is called a Type 11.0 Civilization.
  • The gigaverse is supposed to mean a complex of Megaverses, but sounds more like it means a billion universes.

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