The Heaven is a place where good people go after their deaths. However, if the human is evil, they will be sent to Hell. It contains a lot of stuff.聽

Your journeyEdit

The following is a typical experience of Heaven.

You will first arrive in the line to Purgatory. There, you can find one of God鈥檚 houses, where he stays to judge you. Let鈥檚 say you go to heaven. (96% do.) You get sent to the top of an unfathomably large valley. The ground of which you are standing on and in the valley appear all made out of clouds. You notice a sign saying:


POPULATION: TREE(3) More info: The Hiearchy of Numbers (THN)

You go down the small automatic elevator shaft to the valley, and get greeted to the Welcome to Heaven Party! With unlimited supplies, you stay for an average of two hours, then leave into the streets of heaven. On your way out someone explains the currency, WaterCoins. But unlike Hell鈥檚 FireCoins, you have an unlimited supply. On everyone鈥檚 shirt, including yours, there is a TeleButton on their chest. Press it, and you instantly get teleported to the front yard of the owner鈥檚 HeavenHouse. To go back, just step on the portal next to you. So you go to your house. Your nextdoor neighbors are the closest family members to you in life, followed by friends a few blocks away, then people you met, and, if you go several miles, strangers. Inside your house, it looks like God鈥檚 Purgatory house where you talked with him. At the nearest Heaven Store, down the road, you can get furniture that is resizable and that weighs zero pounds. The average person makes all their furniture weigh 0.01 pounds. You go back home, push the walls, resize your roof, and make a bigger room. Now you put your new furniture in your house, and live happily in Heaven.


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