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welcome to the Beyond Universe Wiki, or the Universe Fanon Wiki. It's a fanon of space, of the universe, the goal is to create the ultimate SF wiki. For a list of all official objects on this wiki, see The Complete Hierarchy.

Feel free to add important, discovered information to our Verse pages, or create new, beautiful, high-quality pages!

actually 1800 peoples visit the website in 1 day. Good job!

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We have over 39,682 edits on BU! We better get more edits. We MUST get more pages and ideas.


We have over 825 artcles! let's create one if you want pls.


We have over thousands users! if you don't have an account, let's create a account.


We have over 34 sysop users! if you want to become sysop and bureaucrat, you can ask a sysop.


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