Welcome to the Homepage of the Beyond Universe Wiki! This is a wiki which that on anything related to, as the name implies, -verses and dimensions. By dimensions, we're referring to both senses of the word: alternate worlds and realities, and spatial and temporal extents. The scope of the wiki therefore includes physics and astronomy, geometry (with emphasis on higher dimensions), speculative and fictional post-universal structures and concepts such as -verses, and cosmic entities.

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Godverse Godverse is a universe of MEME internet and YouTube. Triangle logos are so huge gaining traction. The kids are Rickverse.

Competitors of BUW

so some other wikis on cosmology. Here are a few:

Sub-Universe Wiki

A wiki about small objects such as particles. It is slightly morleniant than V&D. It's a bit smaller compared to the others and not that active currently, so it could really use all your help with growing!

Outside of the Universe Wiki

A wiki similar to this one, but has higher quality standards. Also, they have a unique way of handling spam; instead of pages completely getting deleted and forgotten, the idea of the page is added to a list of ideas, then the page is "deleted" by redirecting it to the idea list.

Also, the wiki just started recently, so there is less pages and less active users than here.

All dimensions Wiki

They are a similar wiki, but have geometry pages and are less leniant / more moderated.

Verses and Dimensions Wiki

A very different wiki in terms of the cosmological model and quality standards. Very closely moderated.



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news has just arrived. We will be hosting Fandom on Mediawiki by summer or next fall : https://beyond-universe.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Poule77/Project_host_from_Fandom_to_MediaWiki


If you are a content moderator or admin or bureau, please bring back as many pages as possible. Even if they are spam. We are planning to clean up all the spam pages, and have 1000 pages on high-quality (>750 bytes) by March 1, 2021. For more details, see the discussion post by Wikia user Nirvana Supermind.

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