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The Ice White Star before nammed IWS in 2017 is a Epic Star : 1/20 trillion in the multiverse. White colour but a cold temperature ~80°C.


32-30 billion years ago. The pre-universe have 0.11% Ice star.


The first glaicial stars like Icerus. born 4 billion years ago. At the end of their life will become a water star. A very rare star can get so hot that it begins to change

Post ice star

Most ice stars are small stars of the size of type K. And the shortest to become a water star at a duration of 800 million years are thought to be the largest like Minoris. Became water but also at the end of its life with 3100 ° C (3273 ° K) to become a little later but consult the article water star to see that. Evolves like a gas star.

Midel PEDG

Gradual loss of PEDG

For the illustration that the PEDG lasts maximum 5 million years to 25 million, because now the famous ice crystals this decystallize. At the end of PEDG can lose up to 1/3 of mass. Water has a similar weight and that evolution is complicated. And that the temperature exceeds -1 ° C and slows down twice every 10,000 years.

The stars in the middle of PEDG are:

  • Icerus

Final PEDG

Since its birth the ice star has lost 56% and can become insolent as the star deforms and continues to increase in temperature. This risks an expulsion of the water star. The expulsion lasts 30 years before collapsing the deformation of the nucleus and disintegrates easily.

150 million years ago Minoris a star 1.5x the size of the sun has already reached the water star. and that the water causes a flash of water for the complexion of the area. This will be the final stage before nucleus deformation and ultimately a black dwarf.