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The Infibit World contains both the Infibit Island and the Infibit Air, and they both are half of the surface of the world.

The Core

The core of this world is made out of solid Anti-Melting Substance and Infibit Lava. These two things are also where the Oceanic Glass Container are, as well as everything inside of it. We can't actually go to the surface, and only one entity has been able to do so so far; The Infibit Emptiness. Other than that, here's some other escape attempts.

Attempts to Escape

Attempts 1-23

All of attempts 1-23 involved Omega Whales flapping around in the Oceanic Glass Container until the glass finally broke. The Omega Whales tried to get to the surface, but immediately melted once touching the Anti-Melting Substance.

Attempts 24-9,283

All of these attempts involved all creatures at once trying to slowly, each attempt, inch forward in the Infibit Lava. However, they gave up at attempt 9283, when they realized that they're only 0.000052% through.

Attempt 9,284

This attempt was unique, as an entity known as The Infibit Emptiness made a giant hole in the Infibit Lava and the Anti-Melting Substance. In shock, the other entities didn't escape in time, but The Infibit Emptiness did. All attempts after this were the creatures trying to replicate The Infibit Emptiness but failing. There have been over 92,292,192,021 attempts in total.