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Unfortunately nobody could get to this place.

You cannot imagine what is in this place.

It cannot be contained by anything as it is infinite

'' IF YOU TRY WILL BE ABSORBED FOR THE UNIVERSE WHERE YOU LIVE, WHERE YOU WILL LOOK WILL BE INFINITE, IF YOU Reach 0.000000 {...}3MM WILL BE PUSHED FOR V O R D R0 5656 AND DESTROYED So we can say that you will not enter here (either because you will need to pass Pitch Black first) or your life will end here. ''

Which is ? Edit

Last thing of all . The long journey does not end because this ugar is eternal.

They say this is where God and Thorm live the most I don't know because I couldn't get in there.

Nothing is as ifinity as this.

Tip. Edit

Do not try to come here.

Who lives there. Edit

Thorm and the Eternal Father

How is he like. Edit

It is not empty because it has all those you have seen so far and as it is infinite has infinites Multiverses, Universes and among others.

How old is he. Edit

It cannot be contained, it cannot be controlled by any god (except God and Thorm) and its age is eternal and will always exist and if anyone tries to acquire this power it will be destroyed by him and Thorm.

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Infinity without limit Edit

This will always be the true limit with infinite possibilities of infinite sizes and colors, as Thorm said "Infinite dreams that everyone dreamed of reaching more infinite doors prevented them from entering."

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There is nothing else (many try to deny it by creating other things in this Wiki) and only it contains everything. Though we all know there is no end, heehee! But ends are boring. If this wasnt true, this text would not exist. However, in the creator of this page’s mind, THERE IS NOTHING BEYOND INFINITEVERCE. and he can believe that, for it is true for him... And for everybody else. unless your in my mind Or several others, where LETS NOT START AN EDIT CONFLICT. LETS JUST SAY THAT THIS IS THE “TRUE” END AND MANY TRY TO DENY THE EXISTENCE OF chair.

Above time Edit

Not even time can pass the Infinitverse

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