Jonathan is a Rank-A human scientist, once sent to Immodum to discover it.


He has a pretty much regular somatotype, with pretty much short height (161 cm). He has pitch black iris, short eyelashes, flesh-colored skin and black hair. He wears a regular scientist robe, with jeans and black t-shirt being below. Also, as a shoes, he uses MOCCASINS. From special accessories he has only C L O C C S.


He is pretty much calm. Almost nothing could ever cause him to be angry. Despite his calm behavior, he might do anything possible to achieve his goals. He is currenly preparing for a second run into Immodum.



Universe OZ-91873-DS1E2, May 12, 6095 AD.

Becoming Scientist

He had many A+ marks in school, and had a strange interest to technical sciences (aka algebra, geometry etc.) and astronomy. When he became a scientist (June 3, 6113 AD) he decided to travel into a strange location known as Immodum.

Traveling into Immodum

From Jonathan's Digital Note 3.31(July 1, 6113 AD):

Once i crossed the portal, i got trapped into a strange place. It was completely dark. But it felt... even darker. I used my flashlight to see at least something in this void. There was some rooms. They had easy puzzles. When i reached cobweb room, i was surprised to see such interesting entities. Huge insects. My database just got a new lifeform: Shadow Spider.

Then i met much more terrible thing. A huge room, filled with darkness. I just started to go into a random direction. This have continued for days. Then, i have finally reached a door into a next room. Then, easy puzzles again, but a bit harder. After that, i met the worst thing in my entire life. I almost gone mad here. Then, i had to stop and return, because of mountainous location that i couldn't pass.

Some other events

Noone interested.


  • His laboratory was formerly belonging to Dr. Astrodotus, the person, known as creator of Crystal Poison.
  • "Jonathan" is a pseudonym. His real name is Aleph.
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