The Kardashev Scale says how much energy is needed to control something. We are Type 0.724 on the Kardashev Scale. The measure was proposed by Nikolai Kardashev in 1964. The original Kardashev scale divides civilizations into Types 1-3, although extensions used on this wiki are also commonplace.

Type 0.0 Minimal Civilisations

0.1 107 watts Hominids appear in Africa that evolve into humans who move to other parts of the world.
0.2 108 watts Roaming hunter-gatherers explore vast areas, then build boats to explore the world. Ability to make fire and the wheel is invented. Egalitarian economy and barter systems emerge as tribes meet.
0.3 109 watts Politic hierarchies emerge with economic inequalities and a division of labor. Building the first structures. We still think the sun revolves around the earth.
0.4 1010 watts Mercantile economies lead to market economies and democracy. The oceans are discovered via wooden ships. Early science, first telescopes, understanding of magnetism, printing press, storage and mass production of grain. Empires extend their control over peoples who are not culturally, ethnically or geographically within their normal jurisdiction, with a goal of economic dominance over rival empires. Industrial revolution emerges with steam engines.
0.5 1011 watts Liberal democracies that give the vote to all citizens. Explosion of science leads to combustion engines, flight and mass produced land vehicles. Computer revolution and related technologies emerge. Capitalism and free markets emerge.
0.6 1012 watts First humans on the moon. Computers are networked and mass produced due to transistor miniaturization and integrated circuit boards. Nuclear power is embraced for good and bad.
0.7 1013 watts Our current civilization. Global network / internet. First particle accelerators. Digital and data revolution. Nano technology. Early space race towards nearby planets and moons. Globally linked renewable energy sources to replace nuclear fission and coal plants.
0.8 1014 watts Ability to choose what your children look like due to improved genetic engineering. First moon and Mars bases. Quantum computers. Utilization of Dark Matter and Energy. Fusion power becomes primary source of energy. Sending miniature objects to nearby stars.
0.9 1015 watts The ability to fully control energy and weather systems on Earth which is a possible ecumenopolis. Bases around the solar system and harnessing of materials from asteroids. Sending the first ships to nearby stars.

Type 1.0 Planetary Civilisations

1.0 1016 watts Ability to completely control the Earth and Moon and possibly prevent aging.
1.1 1017 watts Space travel becomes possible for most people. All species have been discovered. Ability to move asteroids away from earth or mine them. First space wars.
1.2 1018 watts Colonization of the moon, ability to manipulate genes so that many common diseases are no longer a problem.
1.3 1019 watts Space lifts, colonization of other planets, first invisibility, and the ability to upload brains to computers.
1.4 1020 watts Interplanetary travel and first step to terraforming.
1.5 1021 watts Possible discovery of aliens (if within home galaxy), discovered how consciousness works (possibly earlier) and what dark energy is.
1.6 1022 watts Mining many asteroids, first humans in another solar system.
1.7 1023 watts Beginning the construction of a dyson sphere, first warp drive and faster than light travel
1.8 1024 watts Construction of an A.I. indistinguishable from that of a human being
1.9 1025 watts First colony in another solar system, Dyson Sphere is nearly complete, ability to actively create species.

Type 2.0 Stellar Civilisations

2.0 1026 watts Dyson sphere is complete, along with star system colonization.
2.1 1027 watts Multiple systems colonized.
2.2 1028 watts Perfection of a virtual reality that looks and feels real. 100 stars colonized.
2.3 1029 watts Holograms Become Real. This may happen much, much earlier with the use of nanotechnology, but the creation of metamaterials that serve the same purpose are here now.
2.4 1030 watts First object sent to intergalactic space.
2.5 1031 watts First easily noticeable time travel using relativistic time dilation.
2.6 1032 watts Perfection of a virtual reality that looks and feels real. 1,000,000 stars colonized.
2.7 1033 watts 10,000,000 stars colonized, along with cloning at the quantum level
2.8 1034 watts Ability to direct wormholes.
2.9 1035 watts A full spiral arm of the galaxy is colonised.

Type 3.0 Galactic Civilisations

3.0 1036 watts The entire galaxy is colonised, the first humans in other galaxies. Ability to control things with your mind; this could be achieved very far in the past by the use of augmented technology, but now it is indistinguishable from telekinesis.
3.1 1037 watts Colonisation of ten galaxies; at this point, humanity occupies the Local Group, with arrays Dyson spheres absorbing much of the light from the Milky Way, Andromeda, and Triangulum. Intergroup travel is employed to send probes to more distant galaxy groups in the Virgo Cluster.
3.2 1038 watts Intergalactic civilisation develops a host of technologies. Zeptotechnology allows for the modification of individual particles, including custom-making massive particles with a range of useful properties not seen in nature.
3.3 1039 watts At this point, humanity occupies the entire Local Cluster. Mastery of quantum mechanics is obtained, allowing for macroscopic structures of a wide range of sizes to be placed into superposition.
3.4 1040 watts Zeptotechnology has advanced to the point where the electroweak force is routinely utilised in the building of structures.
3.5 1041 watts Colonisation of 100,000 galaxies; at this point, humanity occupies the entire Laniakea supercluster.
3.6 1042 watts Colonisation of a million galaxies.
3.7 1043 watts
3.8 1044 watts Colonisation of a billion galaxies.
3.9 1045 watts

Type 4.0 Cosmic Civilisations

4.0 1046 watts Humanity occupies the entire universe and is using all of the resources inside it. Interuniversal travel is difficult, so civilisations can plateau here for quite some time.
4.1 Humanity discovers how to travel to nearby alternate universes and begins settling them or uniting with the alternate versions of humanity there, using horizon breaking technology to escape the narrow confines of their home universe.

Type 5.0 Multiversal Civilisations

5.0 1056 watts Humanity occupies an entire multiverse.
5.5 By correlating information over vast numbers of multiverses, humanity discovers that they exist in a simulated metaverse; expanding further is tantamount to altering the coding of this metaverse, starting with tuning small amounts of the API left open by its elusive creators.

Type 6.0 Metaversal Civilisations

6.0 1066 watts Humanity gains total control over the code of the metaverse and begins looking for ways to break out.
6.9 Humanity finds a way out of the metaverse.

Type 7.0 Hyperversal Civilisation

Type 8.0 Boxial Civilisations

Type 9.0 Transcendent Civilisations

Type 10.0 Transcendentem Continual Civilisations

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