Within this concept there is but only Law. You may witness it, that is all.

Law of Dimensional Cycle (not to be confused with The Cycle of Everything) is a loop that brings you from the absolute highest/lowest point of reality to the highest/lowest point of reality your being can fit within. Let's say for example you have reached the end of the peak of the universe (i.e. Abysm) and try to go beyond it you would find it is impossible, however as a fail safe if one were to ever somehow press beyond it then it would completely redirect them towards the absolute beginning they could start from.

A simpler explanation is if one were to read a book to the end and find nothing beyond it. The story is done, but they refuse to believe that so they press on. The result ends in them finding the back cover, so this is truly the end correct? Not to them, so as a result they reach the "redirectory" in this case being the spine of the book which ultimately leads them to the book cover where they started.

1. Protoverse equals the cover.

2. Upper levels (such as Microverse, Universe, Multiverse and Megaverse) equals the books pages.

3. The Corridor of All-Creator equals the books end.

4. Abysm equals the back cover.

5. Law of Dimensional Cycle equals the book spine.

To finish up, this is not yet the highest commanding force, this is merely one of the many Higher Laws of All-Reality. The absolute peak has yet to be discovered. Can you discover it? The rest is in your hands...

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