You seem to be confused as to why you're still standing, do not fret, the answer is here.

Law of Dimensional Erasure is a Force that commands concepts such as Pitch Black and verses such as The Voidance to erase any and all unallowed activity within it's dimensional realm of existence.

This Law cannot be stood within or seen unlike the Law of Dimensional Cycle without proper authority. Such beings that can witness it must be on the same or higher level as bongus. Manipulating this concept on the other hand requires the power of The Philosopher.

1. This Law by itself cannot erase other Laws such as the Law of Dimensional Cycle.

2. This Force of Nature is dangerous to handle without caution. It is recommended that to act upon this Force you must be a being of superior power at least equal to a God to use the Law of Dimensional Erasure.

3. This Force can only be removed or changed through The Source by The Philosopher.

4. Lesser beings are not allowed to use Law of Dimensional Erasure without strict divine monitoring.

5. Misusing this law will end in immediate action of the most severe degree.

To finish up, this is not yet the highest commanding force, this is merely one of the many Higher Laws of All-Reality. The absolute peak has yet to be discovered. Can you discover it? The rest is in your hands...

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