Lord Aspect has alternate way to describe reality. The Floor Hypothesis. TFH describes reality as a set of 7 floors, with each next being harder to access than previous one.

All the floors are surpassed by the A B 0 V 3.


Those floors are floors.

First Floor

First Floor contains regular reality, as we know it. The 3-dimensional space. Many universes are here. First floor contains (mostly) physical things. It is also known as Multiverse.

Second Floor

Second Floor contains unimaginable (well, for us) 4-dimensional space. This one is right above First Floor. It is also known as Megaverse

Third Floor

Third Floor contains 5-dimensional space. This is the beginding of Lord Aspect's Metaphysical realms. Third Floor aka Gigaverse

Fourth Floor

6-d floor aka Teraverse

Fifth Floor

7-d floor aka Petaverse

Sixth Floor

This is where it gets interesting. Sixth Floor is 11-d realm. It contains many universes, multiverses, megaverses etc. This floor is known as Omniverse (aka Existence).

Seventh Floor

This is it. The final layer. The terminal end. The final destination. Noone have reached it yet.

the A B 0 V E

This is not a floor, but a place above the floors. This is why it is named A B 0 V E, because it is above anything.

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