Megaverse is a group collection many Multiverses, some Membraneverses, and Kiloverses, 45 hyperverses are in the center. It is different from a Metaverse because a Megaverse is physical. Our megaverse is transfinity. So it is a 16+2 dimensional self-containing infinite set of an infinite amount of simultaneously existing multiverses that represent an infinite amount of outcomes and inter-universal laws for each one, including the one we live in. A Megaverse is also a collection of several different Multiverses, either a finite or infinite amount of them, usually each having different properties and interuniversal laws, such as different cosmic events being possible, such as Big Booms, etc. A megaverse can be contained by a Gigaverse or a Teraverse, or other -verses in the metric hierarchy, but this eventually leads back up to the Archverse chain.

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