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"Welcome the Nexus! Here you can easily navigate through any point in the known cosmologies at any period of time as well! We hope you enjoy your stay and even more so your travel!"


Vangelis - Cosmos (Theme from TV Series)

Hello! Here are some basic verses to help get you started! After this you'll have the perfect idea of where you want to go!

Protoverse - The first piece of Reality before the Big Bang/Big Boom!

Microverse - Miniture universes that exist in a single Universe!

Earth - The main Planet in the Milky Way!

Prime Earth - The center piece to the Multiverse!

Solar System - A small group of planets that revolve around a Sun!

Galaxy - A small portion of a Universe!

Universe - A dimension all to itself that contains a lot of interesting stuff....

Multiverse - Other universes in a cast verity!

Megaverse - A collection of different multiverses!

Omniverse - A collection of different fictional megaverses and real ones!

Antiverse - An Anti-Universe!

Antimultiverse - A collection of antiuniverses!

Antimegaverse - A collection of antimultiverses!

Antiomniverse - A collection of antimegaverses!

Physics - Laws of Reality!

The Void - The abyss!

Nexus - You are here!

Transcendentem - The essential barrier!

??? - Wait... What, why is this here?

Hyperverse - The origin of cyberspace!

the NOPE - The Box's older and stranger cousin! (very strange)

EGG - this is stupid. Please do not go here.

helpfulverse - very large

Jvofverse - It's So Large It's Beyond Time And Space! And Contains EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Box - basically everything!

Endless/Infinity- basically even more everything!

Space-Time Web - literally everything!

FORBIDDEN PLACE 1 - please don't go here you'll die

FORBIDDEN PLACE 2 - no seriously, you'll definitely die here too

FORBIDDEN PLACE 3 -.............Why is this here? This is not allowed! You can't go there, it's impossible!

EDGE OF REALITY - You cant survive there don't even try.

Probabilistic The Box Supercluster - You just got invitation from transcendented civilization, congratulations!

In Observito - Just leave dude

The never ending void of darkness - No that's it

The hyper flower - Die

Epic NGLverse -