An Omniversal Set is an infinite set of gradually larger Verses, starting with a Universe that is exactly 10^10 light years in diameter, with its Universes being labeled [0], and subsequent verses being labeled [1], [2], [3], etc.

Rules for universes in the set are as follows: Verse [n] is like an atom compared to Verse [n+1] for all Verses in the Omniversal set. Each verse in the set is made up of all lower verses contained within the set.

The first few verses in the Omniversal set are: Universe [0], Milliverse [1], Microverse [2], Nanoverse [3], Picoverse [4], Femtoverse [5], Attoverse [6], Zeptoverse [7], and Yoctoverse [8]. Verses after that are just named by their numbers.

Note that these names are sometimes different from the articles they lead to, it is just standard nomenclature within the Omniversal Set. For clarity, just use their numerical values.

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