Osulandora is the kingdom of eternal lightnings. 95% of here's deaths are caused by lightnings. This place is full of strong and lucky creatures (weak and unlucky cannot survive here lmao).

History Edit

Osulandora has rich story.

Beginning Edit

It has been born as "The Kingdom of Lights and Thunder" in a huge electric universe. The TKOLAT has been born to resist Alliance. Then, the Interdimensional War have started.

Interdimensional War Edit

Alliance and TKOLAT have fought for centuries, the war concluded in Battle For The Dimensions, which ended up in peace treaty. After it, TKOLAT have reunited into Osulandora.

Life of Osulandora Edit

Everything's nice here. It has the second name of "Northern Lights". Yea. North. In Interdimensional Space. I'm not joking.

The leader have changed many times since the start of this part of Osulandora's life. Current leader is Candella.

Structure Edit

Capital Edit

Capital zone of Osulandora is a 10 km x 10 km castle, inhabited by Supreme Elite and Supreme Leader herself. This castle is protected by over 200 ion blasters, aimed at suspicious guys.

Central Zone Edit

A 1000 lightyear x 1000 lightyear set of solar systems, considered to be central, due to being located nearby to capital.

Outer Zone Edit

Everything besides.

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