STAR -HIDDEN- (House Remix) - UNDERTALE - Zaxiade 2017

STAR -HIDDEN- (House Remix) - UNDERTALE - Zaxiade 2017

"Do you hear it? This is our sound. The noise of new and old. A grand all wonder..."

The Other Philosophers are keepers and creators of any and all cosmologies. They were logically born at the negative finite timeline and all (including The Philosopher) have worked until the finite past when the first plank second began.

Much like The Source, every Philosopher built up their power to the max and gave it to whichever force they used to create their cosmology multiple times over until the past finitie point when all of that built up energy was released to create the cosmologies.

The Other Philosophers are unknown, however if you wish to bring them to our attention then feel free to edit. Please make sure they own a wiki and are not merely an admin nor moderator;

1. 1917 Darwin (beyond-universe)

2. Alper2006 (Alper2006's Cosmoworld Wiki)

3. Googleaarex (Alldimensions)

4. Matthewandmario (Verse and Dimensions Wikia)

5. Lord Aspect (Cosmic Trash Wiki)

The Philosophers have no restrictions, however they all agreed to limit themselves with the following rules;

1. They must be the Apex of morally sound.

2. They must not harm one another nor themselves unless one is clearly threatening the other.

3. They must think and be thoughtful to the highest degree even if it means overthinking absolutely everything in order to avoid making the wrong decision.

4. They will order whoever has caused a cosmic level crime to be punished by and according to their higher beings rules of their reality.

5. In order to maintain proper Balance, their forces used to create their cosmology cannot allow any lesser being to know that their decisions are pre-destined.

6. If any being discovers their next pre-destined decision and decides to act against it, then to avoid a Paradox the decision will change according to the beings new decision.

7. Their decision otherwise must be final to avoid a Paradox.

In the end there is nothing left but peace and contentment. There is one final gift that rests in your hands, now that you have made it this far... You now have a chance to be One of Them!

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