Purple paradox

Paradox is the term used to describe something that should be impossible to manage or have occur such as a contradiction (i.e. a sword able to pierce anything and a shield that's impenetrable existing in the same universe), especially if it brings about a severe consequence which it will. The reason for such destructive outcomes is the fact that both sides want something that cannot happen at the same time as the other.

For example, one person cannot walk down the exact same point on Earth down the exact same path as another as their matter cannot take up the same space due to both being solids. If somehow it did happen then the universe would either implode or cause enough damage needed to remove the error.

Sometimes the universe if the impossible occurs will merely use the Law of Dimensional Time to correct the concept before it can happen, but if it is a drastic impossibility then the Law of Dimensional Erasure will have to intervene and stop it immediately before it can do serious harm.

Paradoxes exist due to the Law of Dimensional Paradox in order to create a buffer effect that will allow reality to fix itself before it crashes. If there was no Law for a Paradox, then reality wouldn't be able to register the abnormality and therefore just stop in it's tracks. Recognizing these distortions is important.

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