This is the creator. He rules over entirety of existence. He is able to do anything and everything. Noone could ever even imagine full scale of his power. He is stronger than anyone. Alticosm, He too, Alper, TTG, God, noone of them is a match for this True True God. Even КАРАСЬ ХОТТАБЫЧ never could imagine all power of Paul. The only one who ever could defeat Paul is The All Creator.

Visualisation of his power.

  • Comparing KAMITRON to Paul is like comparing ant to KAMITRON.
  • Bongus has only 0.00000001% more power than Paul.
  • Paul can beat up a ✧✧✧✧✧✧ boss.


He has 4 descendants, ruling over Space Time Web.

Astrodotus, God of Space (not this astrodotus)

Chronos, God of Time

Nexite, Goddess of Light

Calamitas, God of Darkness


Yea, Paul is almighty, but he has three limits:

  • Paul cannot die
  • Paul cannot defeat Bongus
  • Paul cannot survive in Pitch Black (nothing can tbh, not even Bongus) (i know that this limit and limit 1 are making a paradox.)


"he will always see all of us."

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