The end. This void is the last thing ever. Noone will ever reach it. Jonathan, Paul, QWERTY, Diana, Charles, Alper, noone will. And yes, our lord and savior BONGUS will not ever reach it as well.

The Beyond Beyond Infinite Blue Void cannot allow anyone to reach this void.

When Space Time Web has been created by Paul, and Blue Void by created by BONGUS, Pitch Black was created by Selena and Venia at the end of The Neverending War

What hides in the Pitch Black?

Pitch Black contains every single top tier of every single cosmology. When you exit V&D's Nothing, you are entering Pitch Black. When you exit CT'S World, you are entering Pitch Black. I can continue this list for long, but i won't.


  • Immediate dissolvance into <0 particles, even for highest gods (except The Hyper Dream and Selena and Venia
  • Contains The Is, The Garden and The Observatory.
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