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"Your life means something here, in the end you make up the grand design!"


Through Heaven's Eyes

Reality as opposed to Existence is the name given to any object that exists such as the Universe, it is not a place or a thing. Sure we could say the Multiverse exists, however going further than that is pushing the envelope for some truly unorthodox ideas such as the theory of Reality being connected to fiction via the "Fourth Wall".

For example, deep space is something that has been proven to be real and even the theory of the Multiverse isn't too far fetched due to the idea that our imagination can somehow comprehend and think of things that should no where be even remotely close to existing in our Universe. The second idea that backs up the Multiverse is the idea that black holes seem to have no exist behind them, but rather go somewhere through our Universe into another as that Matter needs to leave somewhere

To conclude, ideas that go into Multiverse and Time fall into the parts that make up the first true half of Existence while the other parts that make up the fictional half are; non-existence, concepts, higher verses, and fantasy (thoughts/dreams) verses.