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"Eraparsec" Research Station to Blue Dwarf
Blue End to Duoquadragintillion
Duoquinquagintacentillion to Him
History to Manillion
Many 0s to Ofdjsuiejrtghfcxzjznjcfbvnbchdjfgjfhdjkfcillion
Oldverse to R136a1
REAL VVH^8 to Tekyotoverse
Temperatureverse to The Mysterious Unknown Thing
The Mythical Godly Thing to Titaniquadcoribehemithepicogigantillion
Tljdjtoeirnfrnchkvjillion to Type 25.0 Civilization
Type 250.0 Civilization to Type 558.0 Civilization
Type 559.0 Civilization to Type 869.0 Civilization
Type 87.0 Civilization to WWEverse
WWWverse to 💩
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