A Structiverse is a -verse that has a well defined hireachy. Only -verses at the top of the specifed hireachy will normally be a Structiverse, although their contents will still remain the same

Further -versesEdit

There isn't as much to talk about in further -verses, so I will put them all in this section.

They are contained by Structcollectionverses, which contain series of Structiverses formed just from branching off once from the same hireachy at the last possible point at which you could branch off in/end the hireachy. Multistructcollectionverses contain series of Structcollectionverses formed just from branching off once/ending the hireachy from the second to last point at which you could branch off (or end) in the hireachy, and so on.

The Inner Branchstructverse contains all possible Structverses that can be formed by branching off from any point any amount of times in a hireachy, and the Outer Branchstructverse Series contains Structverses that don't contain (directly or indirectly) the Universe, and it orbits around the Inner Branchstructverse.

All of this is contained by the Structinfinityverse. Because the Structinfinityverse contains all -verses and space structures in existance, it also must contain itself a infinite amount of times.

Unlike The Box, paradoxes also can thrive in the Structinfinityverse, as The Unstable Box contains paradoxes in some regions.

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