who told you that this is fiction? And what is fiction? Just what we did not see, what is not proven but is a theory, what did man invent? And what does it mean to come up with? Take the existing concepts and put them all your imagination? And what is imagination? There are places in different Wikis where everything imaginary and real is stored, but what if the difference between them is phantom? Maybe it's all one one. What am I getting at .... I don’t know. What does this verse contain, no, no, no, this is not a verse; it is by nature something higher. I saw a lot of Wikipedia with a similar thing, but ... forget it. Imagine a thing that contains every imaginary and endless number of outcomes with this thing. Absolutely any thing. For example, your character, he can have an infinite number of life outcomes and variations of existence. For example, everything on this Wiki is considered fictitious, but what if the imagination and realities are intact, that if it is not true and there is nothing other than our universe, that if there is another outcome other than no and yes. See? Even my words can have an infinite number of outcomes. I advise you to consider this verse not as my imaginary verse, but as a real permissible thing that can contain everything. By the way, about the authors and their creations. You can give your character an ability outside yourself, but you will still control him, that is, there is a thing that you simply will not surpass by definition, under any circumstances you will control what you created, but this again has an infinite number of outcomes. What if those whom you thought up already existed, what if, again, all this is not fiction? This is again the number of outcomes. The outcomes themselves are contained here; the contents themselves are here. This verse can be seen as a loop at which the beginning is the end. Any spelling probability with anything here exists. Existence is like a leaflet here. It also has over endless variations of outcomes, for example, these gatherings can, in their ability, generate another infinity, which is impossible, since all the possibilities with these things are already here and even the possibility that is the possibility of other endless possibilities separated from all outcomes with this thing . Yeah ... I'm already confused. But this is not nearly the end. As I said, there are an infinite number of outcomes with something, but there are other kinds of outcomes with this thing, for example, nonexistent outcomes, anti-nonexistent ones, etc. Even if we take the condition that there is an end to these endless merging of outcomes with this thing and merging of types of existences that give rise to other even more impossible outcomes with this thing, then we will not come to an end, since in the very original contents of the outcomes with this thing these outcomes are also were spelled out. Well, this can be described as an endless number of outcomes with one thing that are contained in themselves, while creating what is not contained, but also contained in them. What about the number of things contained? They are directly proportional to their outcomes, how many endless outcomes there are so many things. And how many types of existence are there? The same amount, since they are always amazed at our fantasies and go into the section of outcomes, where they endlessly develop into other concepts and types of existences. And this is only a three-dimensional subsection of this world, which is able to perceive our imagination. This section contains a bunch of other subsections with [again a bunch of obscure things]. What about other dimensions? I do not know. And so what we have learned is that there is an immense amount of something right up to the creation of a paradox of these amounts. In this world, there is even an infinite number of outcomes of myself, for example, in some part of myself, this is a reality that I invented, and in the other there is not, and in the other something distinguishable from yes and no, but somewhere ... you understand . Any cosmology is contained here. Yes, that's all. And all this is so much that it becomes nothing. The true omnivers itself is not something or nothing, it is literally incomprehensible. Probably it is considered as every registered unit of existence in space

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