Behold... The ultimate darkness... The final void... Terminal end... Final destination... Beyond it, cosmology ends. This is the point of no return, my little seekers of truth... Actually, you have nowhere to return from, since in order to return from somewhere, you have firstly reach it. The A B 0 V E cannot be reached or accessed by anything existing, not existing, anti existing and anti not existing. Even if something will reach this chasm, noone shall return from it. I am not sure if anything could survive here for long. The 8th floor does not exist itself, there is this chasm instead of it.

Descending into void...

The Ultimate Barrier

The 7 floors of existence are separated from the A B 0 V E by the Ultimate Barrier. It is fully impossible to cross it. The only one who is able to do this is God.

When you reach it, you cannot cross this barrier. Even if you will, you would instantaneosly regret doing that.


This is the void of The A B 0 V E... Nothing interesting... Void... You cannot return from here...


In the end...

There is only nothing...

There is no end whatsoever...

Outside this void

Space Time Web



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