The Lord,Alpha And Omega!,Almighty God

No words to describe... He/She/It is an author of the existence, nonexistence, anti-existence, and reality

The All-Creator (Author, The All-Above, Supreme Being) - "he" is the "god" of all gods, creator of all fundamental elements of cosmologies. No words to explain how he/she/it looks like, "his" appearance is extremely unstable (for us), and there is no certain look

Beginning of The "Existence"

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Dimensionality, Time, and Size measure. If one of these elements would disappear, "existence" would become virtually impossible and the entire existence itself would stop "exist" as we know it. Options for its destruction depends on the disappeared element.

  • If Dimensionality would disappear - The Black Noise would infinitely collapse into the infinitely small point and disappear eventually (Like a theory of the end of the Universe called "The Big Crunch")
  • If Time would disappear - Everything in The Black Noise will stop and no being would even realize what happened. Syne time flow would stop, mater would lose significance and start disappearing. In other words, all of the cosmologies would start to decay, but this process won't be associated with time flow. The Black Noise will completely decay eventually
  • If Size Measure would disappear - Every sub-quantum forces in The Black Noise will stop exist and everything will end up by erasure of the "existence"

However, this will never happen as these fundamental structures are indestructible and there is no way one of them would disappear

In conclusion: We all exist only because The All-Creator decided to create the corridor of "existence", or else if "he" could make a different structure, life in the cosmologies could become impossible and cosmology elements could be unstable. However, the "existence", cosmology, and "his" palace is just one of the unimaginable amount of The All-Creator's creations.

History of The All-Creator


Once, there was nothing, not even non-existence. At this "time" period (Keep in mind, the concept of time haven't existed) none of the physical concepts have been created "yet". Everything was nothing but "absence" (The Concept of Space have not been created). Before the current existence, he has created probably infinite amount of "proto-existence" creations.

Some of these creations were abandoned, others completely destroyed. Fortunately, our current reality is the most stable and shall last forever

Before The Existence Era

He was making all of these reality prototypes to keep himself from the primal chaos, as it could have seriously weakened him.

Once he have created the first corridor to sustain his existence stable, The Alpha-Omega moment has occured with it's fundamental laws within.

The Corridor Creation

Once The First Corridor was created, it required faithful descendants to control "existence codes" and the existence itself. There was an idea of perfect structure to sustain every cosmology appart, to prevent chaos. It's called The Black Noise

Creation of the Cosmology (Beginning of The "Existence")





  • The Ultimate Creator Ability - Form any kind of matter/"physics code" possible/impossible
  • Immunity to upper laws of dimensional erasure - Can exist in Abysm/Pitch Black
  • Utter Omniscience - that's pretty obvious, no shit Sherlock
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