Beyond Universe Wiki

The Axis is the containment of all finite dimensional graphs, like The Cubic Graph, The Tesseractial Graph, The Grid, etc. All of the blank spaces are just higher dimensional versions of the blank spaces from the previous graphs. However, there are unique things about each layer.

Layer 4

Layer four, aka The Tesseractial Graph, is a constantly moving version of The Cubic Graph. It's constant movement results in it's element being rather... strange.


Tesseractium is pretty much exactly like Cubium, but it constantly moves and creates the motion of The Tesseractial Graph in the first place.

Layer 11

Layer 11, aka The Undecial Graph, is the theoretical limit of graphs, as it's the 11+11th dimension, which is the absolute maximum. It would theoretically be the maximum as it contains all differentiating versions of graphs possible. Somehow, however, there are layers beyond this.


Undecium is the element that makes up all of the major graphs of reality, and each """atom""" in this element is made up of one parallel graph.

Layer 12

Layer 12 is the strangest graph. It doesn't have a graph name because it goes beyond the 11 layer confines of dimensions (11+11 dimensions), but it can be described. Basically, layer 12 is the collection of all other infinite parallel timelines. It is currently unknown how this is possible, but there are several theories on it.

Layer 152

Layer 152 is the limit of the Abovers and the Camera Man, so at this point and beyond, there are zero pictures for anything above this.