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An overview

The Beyond (aka the rulebreaker) is an entity that lives at the 3rd lowest layer of the Quantumverse, but can probably control Omninfinite layers of it. The Beyond is the entity SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to break every single possible rule ever; whether that be being bigger than the Quantumverse or being smaller than the Protoverse OR BOTH AT ONCE. The beyond can control at LEAST the 7 lowest layers of the Quantumverse.


The Beyond has made some pretty cool things. Omninfinite amounts of them, to be exact. However, I'll only list around 4 of their biggest and most well known creations.


Beyondonium is element Omninfinity in the periodic table of elements. It is Omni-Durable, meaning that any blow, even from The Beyond, cannot even scrape it. Beyondonium is EXTREMELY dense. In fact, the only reason it hasn't collapsed into a black hole is because The Beyond can break any rule/law ever. It's melting point is Absolute Omni degree's celcius. It needs this melting point to survive the extreme heat of the Quantumverse. It's value is around 12 Beyond Bucks per gram of this material, and it is VERY, VERY common in the Quantumverse. The only reason it costs so much is because it's incredibly difficult to access the Quantumverse.


Quantite is element Absolute Omni in the periodic table of elements, meaning that it is the most Omni-Durable, Heavy, and Dense element. It is incredibly rare and hard to access, as only a few samples have been found in the entire Quantumverse, and even then, those samples are found in the 198th lowest layer and beyond. For those reasons, it costs Infinite Beyond Bucks per cubic gram. It's density is Omninfinitely bigger than required to make a black hole. It's weight AND melting point are somehow BEYOND Absolute Omni degree's celcius. It's also the only known element that is Omega-Durable, which is more than Omni-Durability.


In short, The Beyond made a verse that is somehow bigger than his biggest form. This verse is known as 79273. It is called this because it was The Beyond's 79,273rd creation ever. There's more info on the 79273 page.


Onium is the weakest element on the periodic table, being element Negative Absolute Omni. A negative sized particle could instantly wipe out the existence of this element in it's entirety. However, due to being so hard to contain, it costs Absolute Omni Beyond Bucks. It can withstand absolutely no temperature, and just by saying the word temperature you've probably wiped out every atom of Onium in existence. This element was the first ever creation of The Beyond.

Picture of The Beyond

The picture of the beyond was taken by The Beyond himself. He simply grew a third hand and created a Beyond Camera to take a picture of himself. It was also INCREDIBLY filtered, as looking at the beyond's true form would make the average mind completely mad.