The Box is a container of all "normal containers of logic", which follow all of the Axioms of Space, which are the following:

  • It has a valid dimensionality.
  • It is contained by stuff, all of which is bigger and contains what the original object contains and more.
  • It contains stuff, all of which is smaller in combined size and contains some of what the original object contains.
  • It cannot occupy the same space as another container of logic.
  • It changes over Time.
  • It cannot warp Space without using an excess dimension that said space doesn't use.

It is also a self-containing object.


The image of The Box was taken using the Fungal Projector, which dissolves space into an object with various properties related to the old space.

It contains many blue "stars" when viewed this way, each of which radiate various amounts of dimensions. The most common amounts are 1024, w, w2, w^2, e0, gamma 0, and w(1)ck.

The center of these stars are the top of said dimensions. Meanwhile, spaces inbetween stars are undefined spaces which cannot be "read" or "written to". These only act as barriers to stop an entity from controlling the entire The Box easily; said barriers require 1/w_1 of the Box's energy. This is due to the fact that the shapes vary between dimensional stars so much that passing through these barriers leads to an object losing the extra dimensions that they gained (normally).


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