"We're so glad you can make it, we were just about to finish building the next (1/2)-reality factory!"

The End of the Things contains all most verses of reality level 0, 1 and 1/2. Most of the (1/2)-reality objects here are normal and can co-exist with eachother in mass. But the larger naturaly made things are located distant from the closest of its neighbour. Because of the increasing distances between larger celestial objects, The End of the Things is much larger than it would be normally, if these (1/2)-reality objects didn't exist.


The End of the Things has an extremely weird appearance. This is due to its entrance, which is a physical hole of sorts. This hole makes The End of the Things, when viewed from the outside, seem small, but when viewed from inside itself, seem huge.


The End of the Things has a mostly empty interior, with occasional bright lights which can somehow never be reached.

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